Scripture states, "Cast all of your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you." (1 Peter 5:7)
We believe the Lord answers our prayers when we are led by the Holy Spirit.  Following are some of the ways we present our requests to Him:
Believing that with God everything is possible and that God hears all of our prayers according to His Word, there are people at PCOG who will bring your prayer concerns to our Heavenly Father in various ways:
First there is an opportunity in our Worship Service on Sunday morning not only to bring your requests to a prayer team for immediate prayer but also to submit your prayer requests in writing, which will be attended to by the Pastor on Sunday.
Other ways are through:
Prayer Teams:  Prayer teams are available to pray for your concerns during and after the Sunday morning worship service.  All requests are confidential.  If you sense a calling to this ministry (training is offered several times a year) or need prayer,  please contact Lisa at the church office at (203) 637-3669.

Morning Worship/Prayer:  Intercessors pray for of our church, our region and are led by the Holy Spirit.  They meet in the Sanctuary Sunday from 6:00am to 7:30am.   If you sense a calling to this ministry or would like any personal prayer, please contact Lisa at the church office at (203) 637-3669.

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                                    Look for our prayer tent at the Old Greenwich Farmers Market!