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What is the Purpose of Jesus’ Healing Ministry? *

Jesus heals so that we may follow Him and be His witnesses in the world.  The dynamic of being saved and healed is seen throughout the Bible in order to be sent to do the work that He prepared for us in advance to do (Ephesians 2:8-10).  Jesus concern is for the holistic health of an individual so our healing ministry comprises five essential dimensions of life:

Spiritual Healing:  Spiritual healing is the restoration of our fundamental relationship with God the Father.  Reconciliation with God takes place through the death of Jesus Christ and through our being born again through the Holy Spirit into the new reality of the Kingdom of God (2 Corinthians 5:17-21).

Inner Healing:  Inner healing is part of the process of undoing the hurtful effects of sin.  This includes the results of our own sin and being sinned against.  It is a process of restoring to wholeness the shattered image of God within us.  (2 Cor.3:17-18).

Physical Healing:  Physical healing takes place as God is restoring us to our originally intended health (Matthew 9:35, 10:1).  Our ultimate healing will occur at the resurrection; Jesus Christ, the first to be resurrected from the dead, has promised eternal life to all who believe in Him (John 11:25-26).

Relational Healing:  Relational healing takes place as Jesus heals our broken relationships.  This starts with the most basic interpersonal relationships.  It then extends, in ever-expanding spheres, to include the healing of injustice between social classes and to the healing of the nations (Galatians 3:26-29).

Deliverance Healing:  Jesus’ work of restoring humanity and creation to God’s original purposes involved the necessity of overcoming and driving out the enemies of our redemption.  Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.  Today, through the Holy Spirit, Jesus continues to do the work of deliverance at each dimension of healing in order to remove any supernatural blocks to the advancement of the God’s kingdom and to set the captives free!  (Acts 10:37-38; Luke 4:18-19).

When is Healing Ministry Offered at PCOG?

· After the Sunday morning worship service prayer teams are available to pray with people as needs arise.

· Recognizing that the need for healing is not contained in set times; we invite people to make an appointment for healing prayer by calling the church office:  203-637-3669.

How do I Prepare to Receive in depth Healing Ministry?

    When people seek an appointment for specific prayer they will be asked to fill out a questionnaire to assist them and the ministry team in discerning the Lord’s leading for prayer.
   All ministry is strictly confidential amongst the team, however the Pastor or ministry team leader may be consulted where deemed necessary to further the healing process. The only exception to this confidentiality rule would be if the person being prayed for is at risk of physical harm or of harming others, then the proper authorities must be notified by law.
   A liability release form will be reviewed at the time of prayer as well.

What Are the Specifics of the Ministry Time?

   Most ministry will take place in the main Sanctuary at PCOG and will be conducted by a team usually consisting of three people.  The initial session could last 90-120 minutes.
   The team will invite the Lord to lead the ministry time through His Holy Spirit and time will be spent listening for His leading.  The Lord guides through His Word, i.e. the Bible, input from the person being prayed for, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1Cor. 12:2-11).
   The person receiving prayer is an active participant in this time of healing prayer.

Is There Follow-up after Healing Ministry?:

Yes, you will be asked to regularly attend a Bible believing church or home group, stay close to the Lord through daily prayer, scripture reading and other materials the team suggests to maintain your healing and growth in the Lord.  Follow-up/accountability with one of the prayer ministers may occur. 
   Healing is often a process therefore an additional ministry appointment may be necessary.
   Also Christian counseling may be recommended to help learn new habits and relational choices as you reorder your life in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Some testimonies:

Testimony #1: Thank you for a day that renewed my entire existence. The support was extraordinary. The love was overflowing and the compassion was deep and the strength and determination to help me become renewed in his image was of God. You singlehandedly shifted the entire course of my life so I can walk with Him fully and clearly hear His words to call me of my purpose. The level of gratitude will not be fully known until you see what I do For Him in my love for Him. Until then I hope you keep close to your heart the image of how I was the minute before he breathed new life into me.
Testimony #2: what was revealed and healed was life-changing…much more clear on purpose and stronger in my faith…much less distracted by temptation…more sensitive in discerning spirits…finding it easier to avoid people and places that are stumbling blocks…
Testimony #3: I am finding a lot of relief so much has changed and opened up. "Life altering".
Testimony #4: I came away with a greater sense of calmness than before I arrived and feel like God will definitely be with me throughout everything.