Deacons Ministries

Who are we?

Moderator:                    Laura Reilling
Co-Moderator:                Joyce Grosso
Secretary:                    Joyce Grosso
Treasurer:                    Joyce Grosso
Nominating:                Andy Fuchella
Missions:                    Laura Reilling
Correspondence/Flowers:        Barbara Bankson
Birthday Cards:                Barbara Bankson
* Meals Coordinator:            Laura Reilling
Transportation Coordinator:  Andrew Shasha      
Baby Ministry:                Jennifer Chambers
* Special Events:             Andy Fuchella   
Special Events:                Andrew Shasha
Special Events:                Frank Acello
Special Events:                Jennifer Chambers
Thanksgiving Basket Coordinator:    Paul Broadbent
* Acts II:                    Paul Broadbent with Frank Acello
Communion:                ALL
Visitation:                    ALL
Prayer Chain:                ALL

We have been ordained by PCOG to lead the PCOG church community to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus.  Please let us know how we can come alongside you. Please feel free to contact us by email at or call the church office at 203-637-3669.