Jordan Norfleet, Co-Director of Youth Ministry
work: 203-637-3669
Hello! My name is Jordan Norfleet. Recently I have been interviewed and chosen to be co-youth director with a good friend of  mine, Lisa Steigerwald. I thought this would be a great time to tell you a little about myself. PCOG has been instrumental in my faith as I continue my walk with the Lord. I've been attending PCOG for over 10 years, and many things have happened to me here. I've had my confirmation, my baptism, and PCOG was also where the funeral of my grandfather, James Norfleet, took place. PCOG is basically my second home, so when I was asked to take part in becoming something more than just being  a member, I was more than ready to jump in. That being said I was, and still am, a little intimidated in this new role as middle school/ high school youth  director, yet I am excited as well. Having been a teenager brought up through PCOG's youth program, I know full well how much fun it can be, and the value of the friendships made, as we all learn together to understand what God has in store for us. I appreciate the dedication so many people have to help the youth develop a strong relationship with God. I share that same passion for young people, so I happily accept this role and promise to promote the PCOG foundations that have been bestowed on me. I will be there whenever they need me to teach them how great our Lord is, and to love them as you have loved me.