"Discerning the Way" updates
Chronology of PCOG/PSNE Actions Beginning 3/21/2010
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#17 May 18, 2011 Pastor Update

#16 April 6, 2011
#15 March 28, 2011
#14 November 9, 2010
#13 October 13, 2010
#12 September 17, 2010
Notes from the PSNE Review Team and the DRC Monday August 30
#11 September 12, 2010
A copy of "What is the rationale for gracious separation?" is made available to the congregation, along with a letter from the DIT team.  This information was given out previously in the packet, Denominational Q & A. Please click here for document.
#10 August 24, 2010-A Letter mailed to the Church Family earlier this week.
 #9-May 20, 2010
#8-April 4, 2010
Minutes for the 3/18/2010 meeting of Presbytery Council  record Presby Council's actions / response regarding items #7 below. It also includes Executive Presbytery Lindsley's report (and Councils M/S/V of approval) to revise the "Discerning the Way" process checked sections 3 & 5.
#7-April 1, 2010
Received letter from Stated Clerk William Thomas acknowledging receipt of letter dated March 11, 2010 from PCOG and four other churches. Clerk Thomas states that Presby Council discussed the concerns expressed in the letter and a record was made in the meeting minutes. Copy of churches letter (3-11-2010) and stated response (4-1-2010). 
#6-March 30, 2010
Received email from Presbytery Council Chair Schimpf acknowledging receipt of letter dated March 23rd (i.e. item 4 below). A copy of Chair Schimpf's email was sent to PCOG Session elder by Walter Baker on March 30th.
#5-March 23, 2010
Pastor Bill mailed a letter to Congregation with information about Congregational Meeting on 3/21/2010. The letter included a copy of Walter Baker's letter to Presbytery Council (#4 below).
#4-March 23, 2010
A letter was sent to Presbytery Council Chair William Schimpf, EP Lindsley and Stated Clerk Bill Thomas setting forth the actions of the Congregation and Session on 3/21. It was sent by email and by U.S mail. Letter named Request to Engage in the Discerning the Way Process.
#3-March 22, 2010 
Pastor Gestal informed Executive Presbyter Dana Lindsley of the action of the Congregation telephonically. He requested the Clerk of Session send a letter advising Presbytery Council of such action.
#2-March 21, 2010 
Congregation approved a motion to authorize session to enter into the Discerning the Way Process (minutes p. 1976).
Session authorized Pastor Gestal and Clerk Baker to inform PSNE of actions of Congregation and to identify and coordinate the start-up steps between PSNE and Session (minutes p. 1979)
#1-Denominational Q & A distributed to PCOG congregation January 2010.