are prominent in the New Testament as on-going leaders of local churches; as such elders are vital to the leadership of PCOG. Together with the pastor the elders listen for God's leading, chart the course and set the priorities for the church accordingly. The elders and pastor (called the session) meet at least monthly for Bible study, prayer and leadership functions.
The following elders presently serve as members of the session:

Nancy Henkes '18
Dave Crimmins '18
Todd Klair '19
Carol Fuchella '19

Jeff Brown '20
Laura Reilling '20

Allison Lowrie '18   Elder and Clerk of Session
Bill Gestal, pastor

If you have any questions or comments for the elders, you may contact the elders directly, by clicking on their names above. If you prefer you may use this session link and email everyone on  session with a single e-mail.

Over the years the PCOG session has written or signed various documents that help define who we are and what we, as a church family, believe. We invite you to follow the links if you would like to know more about our beliefs:

1992, wrote a Pastoral Letter On Abortion.

1995, signed A Declaration for Faith & Life a document prepared by the renewal groups within the Presbyterian Church (USA)

2001, affirmed Statement of Values in conjunction with signing on with Confessing Church Movement within the Presbyterian Church (USA)

2005, signed the New Wineskins Initiative Essential Tenets and Ethical Imperatives
The "Holy Spirit" paper lays the biblical and theological foundation for our church as we seek the power of the Holy Spirit necessary to remain faithful, and witness effectively to Jesus.  After continued prayer and discernment, the elders asked pastor Bill to preach a series of messages on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit.  This sermon series began on February 15, 2009.  You can listen to those messages by clicking the recent sermon page.
Thanks for taking time to view this page. As pastor and elders we covet your prayers as we seek to faithfully follow Jesus and grow in effectiveness in sharing his name in our community and around the world.